With the sophistication of today’s viruses, spyware and malware they are easy to acquire but hard to get rid of. We use the latest technologies to eradicate these nasty viruses that cost you time and frustration. We also give you advice on how to avoid them at our customer service blog.

  As you use your computer to do everyday activities like web surfing, reading email, creating Word documents, PowerPoint presentations or spreadsheets your computer saves a lot of information. After time this information accumulates and impacts your computer’s performance. We specialize in cleaning and optimizing your computer to give your system back it’s optimal performance. 

Ever get the feeling you are being watched, followed? You use your computer for many personal and private task, online banking, email, investment accounts, etc. and when you do use your computer for these personal reasons you want to feel sure that you are not being tracked with programs like key-loggers that copies what you type, hidden Trojan horses designed to steal passwords, user names and contact information. Spyware that tracks what you do on the internet, popups and Malware. service.


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